Thank You!


Me deepest heart-felt thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes! I am always so overwhelmed and touched by your kindness, and I am thankful for the opportunity to have such awesome students and families to work with. 
Though the day was quite out of the ordinary, it was amazing and energizing, nonetheless! 

Thank you!

Thursday Update

Happy Friday Eve!

It seems as though the weeks are just flying by and there is so much learning going on in our classroom!

Thursday folders came home today. Inside you will find school information and graded papers. PLEASE take these out of your child's folder. 
There is also a reading log in there for this week that have questions pertaining to our reading standards. You will find that standard abbreviation in the upper right corner. 
The kids are learning how to ask and answer questions in a fiction text. Try to have your child write his/her response without help. If your child is having some difficulty or becomes frustrated, drawing a picture also helps. Remember to start the log in the Thursday section. 
The reading log does not come back until the following Thursday.

Thanks to all who have sent socks in to use as our dry erase marker erasers! They work so much better than a tissue and save so many tissues to be used for our runny noses instead! 

Thank you to those who have sent in egg cartons. I am well-stocked at this point, so feel free to recycle them. 

Next week's Specials:


Kid Quotes--
Student A: (Making lots of noises in our small group while other kids are trying to work).

Me: Student A, please stop making those noises. (In my matter-of-factly teacher voice), Have you ever heard of someone saying, "That gets on my last nerve?". Well, that's what's happening.

Student B: I have. My mom has lots of nerves because my sister drives her crazy!

You had to be there!

Don't forget to wear your spirit wear tomorrow for our Book It to the Creek celebration! 
Readers Rock! 

The kiddos are hard at work in Writers Workshop!

Thursday Update

Happy Friday Eve! 

Just a short update as many of you have already received our First Grade Team update. 

Thursday folders did not go home today because there was no information in paper form to be sent out. 

Reading logs will begin going home next Thursday, however your child should still be reading at least 20+ minutes each night. Remember, this includes you reading to your child and any environmental print your child reads daily. 

Out of 27 students I am only seeing about 7 students using FrontRow for math practice. While there isn't a set time frame that your child should be working on Front Row, a few problems should be practiced each day. 
If you are having trouble signing on, please let me know and I'll be happy to help you.

Keep sending in those socks so we may use them as erasers for our dry erase boards. Thank you!

Tomorrow--Book it to the Creek forms and money due.
Spirit Day!

Next week's specials:


Picture Day was yesterday but here are a couple of the kids in class. What a crew!

Kid quote--"I'm going to be an Uber driver. You don't have to pay money for Uber but you do for taxis."

Thursday Update

Our first First Grade Team update has gone out to your emails this evening.  You can expect an update like that every week informing you of what we are working on as a whole across the first grade classes. 

I will use this blog to keep you updated of events happening specifically in our classroom. 

Many of you have signed up for Front Row--THANK YOU!
If you've not done so, click the link Front Row and use the class code b73j6e to get your child signed up. 

We will be using this as your child's math homework along with a nightly reading log. 

Class pictures are next Wednesday, September 16th. Our time slot is at 9:55 AM. Order forms were sent home last Thursday in your child's folder. Please make sure you check those backpacks for folders and papers coming home each Thursday. 

Introducing: Personal Success Factors at WCE! 

Westerly Creek is one of 20 schools participating in the DPS Pilot of Personal Success Factors for the 2015-16 school year.  This program specifically and intentionally teaches students 7 primary character strengths: grit, optimism, self control, social/emotional intelligence, gratitude, curiosity, and zest.  Over the course of the year we will be digging in to each of these as a school and defining what they look like in our community.

Our foundational work this month has been centered on growth mindset.  Growth mindset is the outlook named by Carol Dweck that children can do anything they put their minds to with resilience and effort.  Many classrooms have embraced "The Power of Yet"- where students might not be able to do something today but with practice and persistence, they will soon!  Ask your child about what he/she has been discussing during their classroom morning meetings.

There is an abundance of resources to share but here are some places to start if you want to learn more-
Carol Dweck discussing growth v. fixed mindset 

Character Labs (the foundation for the PSF Program) 

Westerly Creek is excited to share more as the year progresses!

Thursday Update

Thank you all for your understanding regarding today's heat day. I understand it does put parents in a bind when you have to scramble to make other childcare arrangements. Although it was overcast today and temps were a little cooler, our building was still rather hot and stuffy. With a school full of bustling students the heat would have been even more unbearable. Teaching is futile when students can't concentrate because they are hot, tired, and thirsty. 
We will have school tomorrow so make sure those kiddos have a water bottle if they haven't brought one (along with their Thursday folders).

We are wrapping up our second week of school, and I must say the kids are really working hard on getting those rituals and routines down. One area in need of improvement is understanding the importance of cleaning up after themselves in the lunchroom and cutting down on the chatting so they have adequate time to eat. 
We had our first practice fire drill and the kiddos knew exactly what to do! The same day we practiced a 'shelter in place' drill taking our spot in the hallway for tornado warnings. With the crazy weather in Colorado it is important for us to know what to do in the event of a bad storm. 

  • Math--This week and next week we will continue to work on basic number sense, Number Talks, addition problems involving number sentences, number bonds, and statements. We are also wrapping up a math assessment which gives me an indication of your child's understanding of the 1st grade Common Core math standards.  
  • Readers and Writers Workshop --Both subjects go hand in hand and the kiddos are working on building reading and writing stamina. This has been a bit difficult in the afternoons because of the intense heat in the building. Regardless, they are learning to work with partners, sharing their reading thinking, stretching out words to spell them--along with utilizing their OG knowledge, and understanding that writers write about things from their lives. 
  • Morning Meeting--We continue to get to know each other and build a respectful classroom community through our morning greeting and Morning Meeting time. 

Thanks to all who came to our classroom Back-to-School night last night. It was great to put names to faces without all the before and after school crowds. 

**Families who haven't subscribed to the Remind app--a quick way for me to send out classroom information via text message/email, please do so by following the directions below.

BOOK IT, our awesome summer reading program and school fundraiser, is winding down. Pledge packets are due to me by Monday, September 14, so BOOK IT participants have a few weeks left to read and fundraise! 
While reading is participating, parents were asked to focus on this as their fall giving. If the PTA can raise more than $90K, they will eliminate the direct giving campaign in the fall!
NEW TO WCE?:  It’s not too late to participate! Simply go to the PTA website for additional information or contact Liz Kegg, who’s happy to meet with parents and explain the program.
SAVE THE DATE!: Whether your child read 1 hour or 100 hours, we will celebrate and reward their reading success at our BOOK IT Celebration on Friday, October 2. More details to come. 

FYI--If you would like to comment on a post, simply click on the post title (in this case Thursday Update) and it will bring up only that post for you to leave a comment. 

Have a great evening, and if you are already taking advantage of the long weekend, enjoy!!

Attention! No School Tomorrow!


Due to the lack of proper air conditioning in our building, school will be canceled tomorrow for students. Our classroom temperature today was at about a steady 84-86 degrees--that's on the cool end of the spectrum for classroom temps in our building. Many other students were in classrooms ranging from 88-98 degrees, making any learning nearly impossible. 

Thanks for your understanding.