Thursday Update

Happy Friday Eve!

We are one day away from a much needed Thanksgiving break! Some of you have already begun your travels to vacation destinations or to visit family for the holiday. Safe travels if you are spending the holiday elsewhere. 

This week the kids began learning about the Writing Process while writing about Thanksgiving.
They were a bit taken back (and somewhat unhappy) to learn that the process includes rewriting the edited piece. However, seeing the look of accomplishment on their faces when they compared their rough draft or sloppy copy and their neatly written published piece was priceless. It was definitely a lesson in grit!

As a reminder, when you see your children making backward letters and/or numbers give a gentle reminder that it's backwards and/or point out if they made the letter/number the correct way somewhere else on their paper so they can refer to it. 

Also, we have been working on starting our letters in the correct place--from the top, using one smooth motion to write letters (except to cross a t and dot the i and j), many lowercase letters begin with 'magic c'--a, c, d, g, o, q, and s, and dipping letters like g and j dip below the line. 
A couple of great apps for kids to practice lowercase letters and numbers in a kinesthetic way are Letter School and Handwriting Without Tears, the handwriting curriculum we use. You can download them for your iPhone or iPad.  

While some believe that kids learning handwriting is a waste of time because of technology, there has been much research to indicate its importance in reading development, brain processing, and fine motor skills. Technology is great but it's not always reliable. 

Finally, your child should be using pencil to complete the reading log. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to work with your children-- it is an absolute joy to watch them learn and grow. I am also thankful to have such a great group of supportive parents. 
I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you enjoy your time with your families. 


Good Evening,

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and enjoyed some of the beautiful weather. We're in for a big change this week so be prepared for any delayed start mornings. You can check here for more info on the DPS Weather Announcement

Our first week of platooning went very well! The first couple of days were just like the first days of school but we made it and it will only get better. 

Here are a few pictures of the kids working in small groups in math--a happy group of busy little bees!

In Writers Workshop the kids have been learning how to use a teacher voice and their fingers to keep organized in order to teach someone all about a specific topic and its facts. If your child hasn't already done so, ask them to do it for you! They are great!

This week's Specials schedule:
Tuesday--P.E.--Don't forget those tennis shoes

This Friday is our Thanksgiving Luncheon. Make sure you have purchased your tickets ahead of time. Please note--our lunch time will begin at 11:30.

This month's Personal Success Factor (PSF) is Gratitude. Tis the season for giving thanks--please talk with your kiddos about gratitude. We have so much to be thankful for and one of the best ways for kids to understand and express thanks is by seeing others demonstrating gratitude and appreciation of others (and things).  

Finally, report cards are scheduled to come home on Friday. Be on the lookout for them.
Have a great evening!

QUICK Update!

A fast few things for you--

Homework and Thursday folders go home tomorrow because of conferences.

Pajama Day tomorrow for our class for reaching 20 compliments--students MUST wear regular shoes.

Thanks to all who came to conferences. What a pleasure it was to sit and talk with you about your kids. They are working hard each and every day!
If I haven't met with you yet, I look forward to it!

I'll update more on Sunday.

Thursday Update

Happy Chilly Thursday!

A few things to let you know about--

We had a great Halloween celebration last week thanks to all our volunteers and Izabela's mom, Anastacia, for setting it up. The costumes were wonderful and I know the kids had a blast!

This week the kids were working on writing book recommendations. This took a lot of time and hard work. They then had to present their recommendations in front of a group of peers. 

Stop by our hallway and take a look at the recommendations they did specifically for our bulletin boards. 
Next week's Specials:

Not everyone has signed up for a conference. Please click on the link to sign up for a time.

Don't forget to wear that spirit wear tomorrow!

Halloween! and a Few Other Things

My apologies! I don't know how, but I completely slipped in sending out an update.

Just a few things:

  • Our school Halloween parade and party will be on Friday. 
  • Kids should NOT wear their costumes to school. They should either be brought in their backpacks or separate bag to change into in the afternoon. 
  • Any costumes that have weapons should be left at home--weapons, not costumes. 
  • If your child's costume has a mask they MUST be able to see through it in order to parade around the school. 
  • If there are any parents that would like to volunteer to help kids get dressed please send me an email.
  • Students will change into their costumes at about 2:20.
  • If your child will not be participating, please email me as there will be an alternative activity.
  • If you would like to volunteer your time to man a station at our party, please email me. 
As you can see there is going to be lots of emailing going on--I hope!

With the chilly weather now upon us, some of us are still caught in our summer mode where clothing is concerned (points to self).  Our classroom temperature varies, so a light sweater or pullover is advised. 

Finally, I am still having several children bringing toys, stuffed animals, trinkets, and what-nots to school. Often times these items find their way in the desks of those bringing them causing a BIG distraction. I hate to sound like an old battle axe--don't judge, but I will now be holding onto these said items and parents will have to see me to pick them up.  

I think that covers it! If you think I missed something, which I probably did, do not hesitate to--you got it, EMAIL ME!
Have a great evening!


Good Morning!

I sent out an email last night for Parent/Teacher conferences and apparently the email is delayed for some reason.

Here is the link for signing up--I will also resend the email this afternoon.
Please sign up for one time slot.

Fall Conference Sign-up